Corrections to Rinke et al. 2013

We would like to make several small clarifications to the information presented in the supplements of this article, after it has been published


Supplementary Table 5 | Proposed names for candidate phyla and associated superphyla.

The correct description for the Marinimicrobia genus should be::

Candidatus Marinisoma atlanticum (GOM, combined assembly Marinimicrobia -2, 1.1 Mbp, 100%, 2518285581) L. adj. marinus, marine; Gr. neutr. n. soma, the body of an organism; N.L. neutr. n. Marinisoma, a marine organism. at.lan’ti.cum. N.L. adj. atlanticum referring to the Atlantic ocean from where the sample was taken.


Supplementary Figure 11 | Phylogeny of Archaea, Bacteria and Eukaryotes.

The phylogenetic tree in Supplementary figure 11 contains plastid and mitochondrial contamination. The correct tree has been recalculated :

For the calculation of the phylogenetic tree investigating the Three Domain versus Eocyte theory (Supplementary Figure 11) we included only genes which were present in more than 10% of the 42 Eukaryotic species (5 or more species), resulting in a subset 20 genes (PMPROK00014, PMPROK00015, PMPROK00019, PMPROK00020, PMPROK00022, PMPROK00025, PMPROK00031, PMPROK00041, PMPROK00047, PMPROK00050, PMPROK00051, PMPROK00052, PMPROK00053, PMPROK00054, PMPROK00068, PMPROK00074, PMPROK00087, PMPROK00093, PMPROK00094, PMPROK00123) which were utilized for the phylogenetic calculations.

The figure legend for the recalculated tree is as follows:

Phylogenetic maximum likelihood tree (fasttree, JTT, CAT) based on a concatenated alignment of up to 20 marker genes. Shown are taxa from Bacteria, Eukaryota, and Archaea. The latter include taxa from the proposed superphylum DPANN. Please note that the purpose of this tree is to test for a three domain or an eocyte topology using the fasttree algorithm, and the limited data set should not be used to infer relations within Bacteria, Archaea or Eukaryotes.

The re-calculated tree is shown below (also available as pdf):

Eocyte versus Three Domain Theory Micorbial Dark Matter